BoilerRoom installation and configuration

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Download the desired version
First, find and download the desired version from the main extension page.
Due to a critical bug, versions 1.2 and 1.21 are not recommended. If you have either version installed, please upgrade as soon as possible as this bug will prevent editing when there no articles in the Boilerplate namespace. It is always recommended to download the latest version compatible with your version of MediaWiki.
Install the source files
If you can extract the zip directly to the extensions subdirectory of your MediaWiki installation directory, do so. Otherwise, you'll need to extract the zip somewhere else and upload the BoilerRoom directory to said extensions subdirectory.
Check for conflicting namespaces
If you have any other extensions that create custom namespaces, or you have custom namespaces you have added yourself, you should check to make sure none are using the indexes 450 and 451. If any are, you'll need to select a unused even namespace number and add this line to LocalSettings.php in your MediaWiki installation directory:
$wgbrNamespaceIndex = xxx;
If you happened to be using version 0.92 or earlier, those versions used indexes 300 and 301 by default. If you are upgrading from those very early versions and did not change the default namespace index, you should add this line to prevent your existing boilerplates from disappearing:
$wgbrNamespaceIndex = 300;
Either way, the line is best added near the bottom, but before any require or include lines for other extensions.
Enable the extension by including it
Add this line to LocalSettings.php in your MediaWiki installation directory:
require_once( "{$IP}/extensions/BoilerRoom/BoilerRoom.php" );
If you added the line to change the namespace index as described above, this include line must be below it, and it is recommended to place it on the line right after.
It is highly recommended that BoilerRoom's require line be placed before the require or include lines of other extensions. This is due to the way BoilerRoom handles <boilerplate> tags within templates. If another extension is included first, there is a chance that content within <boilerplate> tags could get processed by that extension before BoilerRoom could tag it to be treated as plaintext, which would likely have unexpected and undesired effects.


Currently, there isn't much to configure in BoilerRoom.

Already noted in the installation section above, this sets the index at which the Boilerplate namespace will be created. This needs to be placed before BoilerRoom's require line.
As of version 0.93, this is 450 by default. The Boilerplate talk namespace will be created at the following index, which is 451 by default.
In earlier versions, this was 300 by default, with the Boilerplate talk namespace being created at 301 by default.
Available in 1.0, this option allows you to use a large version of the four-button selector that appears above the standard toolbar rather than to the right of it by setting this option to true. This option has no effect for users using the advanced toolbars from the WikiEditor extension.
BoilerRoom4ButtonSmallSelector.png The default small selector.
BoilerRoom4ButtonLargeSelector.png The optional large selector.
The following line would enable this option in LocalSettings.php:
$wgbrUseLargeSelector = true;
It's recommended you place it near BoilerRoom's require line. It can be placed before or after that line, however. If this option is not included or is set to false, the smaller selector will be used instead.